Home Owners Are Ditching Tile But Why?


Need a Shower Remodel? Ditch tile!

I’m sure most of you have heard the rumors or maybe you’ve already made the switch yourself but… TILE is OUT! For decades now tile has been the premier frontrunner for all things bathroom. That was until of course, it wasn’t.

Why risk water damage and ruin a great investment?

The folks at Vision Sync Home Improvement who specialize in shower installations and full bathroom remodeling have confirmed this firsthand. Tile is a porous material that will eventually lead to water damage. It is high maintenance requiring time consuming and costly management of its grout lines. This literally means the more you scrub it the faster it deteriorates. So what happens when all that moisture leaks into the sub floor and your interior wall systems? You will end up with rotting sub floors, rusted metal and a funky smell that is a mixture of mold, mildew and harsh cleaners that have soaked into your lovely home that won’t go away unless the condition within is completely removed.

(Photo above: example of our groutless, non-porous “tiled look” product installed)

Available and Practical Solutions

Our ultimate goal as homeowners is to add our personal touch while increasing our home’s value whenever we invest our hard earned dollars in a bathroom remodel. At Vision Sync Home Improvement our customers have now found three different modern and attractive options to overcome this common obstacle. We offer a lifetime warranty on the installation and labor. The easy to clean, non porous materials we use are Tier 1- High Tech Polymer, Tier 2- Crushed Stone Composite that looks and feels just like solid surface and our Tier 3- Crushed Stone Composite in wall tile design, without the porous and high maintenance grout lines.


We are a Colorado based and family owned company located right here in Broomfield, CO. We guarantee appointments within 24 hours of your first call or we’ll give you $200 off your new bath or shower remodel. You can see more of our work here by visiting us at VisionSyncHI.com or by checking us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/VisionSyncHI/ or on Instagram at @VisionSyncHomeImprovement or call 720.557.2267 for any questions or to schedule a quote for your next bathroom remodeling project.

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