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About Vision Sync Home Improvement

Vision Sync was founded by two people that had many things in common, but most importantly, we shared the same vision for a future company. We both have many years experience working for large corporations and found many faults that were too large to overlook.  We decided to take bold action and build a brand that would close the gap once and for all between customer experience and overall satisfaction.

Having learned our products from the ground up, we are well-versed on both remodel/install and in-home sales.  Our experience allows us to foresee the many potential obstacles that would otherwise stall a project and therefore delay a customer’s anticipated finish date and project build out expectations.



We at Vision Sync Home Improvement LLC have chosen to work with only the most reliable and top of the line suppliers that can get material needed to customers specifications in as little as four business days where our competitors to be able to fulfill the same order could take as long as 12 weeks and in many cases as long as 6 months. This is all due to the fact that our shower and bath systems are manufactured right here in the United States. This even includes popular custom orders that we can usually have within 7 business days. This doesn’t cost our company more money to buy directly here in the United States, and it gives us a razor sharp edge over our competitors that have chosen profit margins over customer care.

When shopping for a company to come into a space as intimate as your own home, it is important to hire someone you can trust. As a company that holds family-time and family-values in high regard, no one understands this better than us.

Our install team from start to finish can be done in your home in as little as one day.

We take great care in leaving the customers home cleaner than we found it and pride ourselves in being punctual and tactful when it comes to respecting your privacy as a homeowner.

Our motto is our goal: "Let's make your vision a reality"

This is an abstract idea that would otherwise be meaningless without a deliberate plan of action. At Vision Sync Home Improvement LLC we will show the customer a complete buildout in real time.  We accomplish this using our in-home design tool as you share with us your dream bathroom remodel ideas. Traditionally customers have had to painstakingly fumble through hundreds of pages of catalogs, recite item numbers, then only to find out the design, color or product was no longer in stock. This is the old way and we hated it too. So enjoy an easy, fun to use, liberating experience of having your personalized vision only a click away.

Peace of mind is paramount. Our products are backed by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the home. We believe in standing by our workmanship and reinforcing this by having a brand you will know and trust by our guarantee.
Call us today and help us expand our network of happy and satisfied customers. We’d just like to take the time and say thank you, and welcome the Vision Sync Home Improvement family. 

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